Between Jobs Support Group

If you are unemployed, underemployed, or trying to get back into the workforce, we invite you to join the "Tweeners" group, a faith-based, Spirit-led, and prayer supported group formed to provide support and assistance to help you get your "next" job. No reservations are necessary. Please visit our Tweeners information page at:

Employers: Are you looking for good talent that's ready and motivated to work for you? Send us your job requirements, and we will put it in front of our "In-Between Jobs" support group members.

Volunteers: Change someone's life in only one or two hours a week! Each Thursday morning 50-75 members of our "In Between Jobs" gather in the Family Center to receive inspiration, direction, and assistance in finding their next jobs. Won't you give a little time to help our eager jobseekers? This is a great volunteer opportunity for college students, entrepreneurs, recent retirees, or anyone who has the time and cares about making a difference in people's lives.




Jim Kissane at 813-264-3316 or

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Online Giving

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