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Catholic Life © Bible Study


The Catholic Life© Bible Study program meets September through May each year, examining the Books of Scripture. This study is open to all ages, genders, marital status, and faiths.

Join us for this exciting journey into the mind and heart of Christ. Each class combines small group discussions with a 30-minute live lecture to complete the picture. You will gain the historical background; comments from the Church Fathers, Saints, and modern scholars, with strict adherence to Church teaching. Best of all, see how Scripture applies and helps in our lives today and how it leads us. We can view realities and events in terms of their eternal significance.

Four Biblical Editors   Lecture

Lesson 1: Israelites in Egypt   Lecture

Lesson 2: Birth and Adoption of Moses   Lecture

Lesson 3: Moses' Call and Mission   Lecture

Lesson 4: God Sends Moses to Pharaoh   Lecture

Lesson 5: Plagues Strike Egypt   Lecture

Lesson 6: The Plagues Continue   Lecture

Lesson 7: Final Plague and Passover   Lecture

Lesson 8: Dedication, Pursuit & Rescue   Lecture

Lesson 9: Song and Manna   Lecture

Lesson 10: Doubt and Praise   Lecture

Lessson 11: Mount Sinai and The Ten Commandments   Lecture

Lesson 12: I Am Your Justice   Lecture

Lesson 13: The Covenant and The Golden Calf   Lecture

Lesson 14: 40 Days On The Mountain   Lecture

Lesson 15: Festivals and Offerings   Lecture

Lesson 16: Leaving Mount Sinai   Lecture

Lesson 17: Dedicating The Tent   Lecture

Lesson 18: Passover and The Journey   Lecture

Lesson 19: The Israelites vs. Yahweh   Lecture

Lesson 20: Spies, Complaints, and Murmuring   Lecture

Lesson 21: Aaron and Levite Responsibilities   Lecture

Lesson 22: Wilderness and Death   Lecture

Lesson 23: The Journey from Egypt to Moab   Lecture

Lesson 24: Census, Inheritance & Succession   Lecture


Additional Resources 

Catechism of the Catholic Church
New American Bible Revised




Meeting Every Wednesday!

Wednesday Mornings

9:00am to 11:00am
St. Paul Catholic Church

Family Center Section 1, 2 & 3

Wednesday Evenings

7:30pm to 9:00pm
St. Paul Catholic Church

Family Center Section 1


Contact Suzanne at 813-962-4885 or SuzanneTim@verizon.net 

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