Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick/ Nursing Homes

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick take the Eucharist to those individuals who are sick and homebound, in nursing homes, and unable to attend Mass. You must be a compassionate individual who is good with the sick and dying.  The time commitment varies in home visitations.  We serve four nursing homes every Thursday or Friday morning with a commitment of two hours once a month.  All Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick must be registered members at St. Paul Parish for a minimum of six (6) months and must be practicing Catholics in good standing in the Catholic Church.  In addition, you must attend a 3-hour SEP (Safe Environment Protection) workshop for vulnerable adults, and be Level II fingerprinted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as well as a background check.

If you are in need of having the Eucharist taken to your home or a nursing home or would like information on how to become a Eucharistic Minister to the Sick, please call the number on the sidebar.