Parent Resource List


Please have an alternate plan for care when your child is sick, as ill children cannot attend school.  Parents will be called to pick up their children if they are, or become, ill.  If a child isn’t feeling well at school, the staff will contact the family to come to the school for immediate pick-up.  Children who need to be separated from the group will be brought to the office to rest comfortably until the family member arrives. 

Parents are asked to call or email the school by 9:00 AM when your child will be absent.

Please be sure to include the reason for the absence as we track incidences of infectious illnesses.*

Call: 813-264-3314 

When to keep children home:

Please keep your child at home if he/she exhibits any of the following symptoms:

  • Inflammation or discharge from eyes
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, or fever of 99 degrees or higher without medicine within the previous 48 hours
  • Head lice
  • Rash
  • Green colored, thick nasal discharge
  • Communicable disease (flu, strep, chicken pox, COVID-19, etc)

*If the level of communicable disease is unusual, the Diocese reports this information to the Health Department. Let us know if your child contracts a communicable disease. If children have been exposed to an unusual level or type of communicable disease, parents will be advised and given information on what steps should be taken for protection, such as signs and symptoms of the disease, mode of transmission, period of communicability, and control measures.

Parking Lot Safety

Arrival & Dismissal

The following procedures have been established for the safety of your children, as well as other families, parishioners and visitors to St. Paul Church and Preschool. It is imperative that all parents and caregivers carefully review and follow the arrival and dismissal procedures. A route has been established for dropping off and picking up children. All parents and drivers are asked to familiarize themselves with the system that has been established for the safety of all. Please refer to the car line routing maps attached.

Upon arrival to school each day the teaching staff responsible for your child will log in the arrival time on an attendance log. Upon dismissal the staff will again record the time of departure. If your child attends Extended Day, attendance record will be transferred from one log to the other. The time of dismissal will be reflected on the Extended Day attendance log.

For the safety of the children, parishioners, and pedestrians, the use of cell phones is not permitted in the parking lot or car lines.

It is the responsibility of the parent or caretaker to supervise children and be responsible for their behavior whenever they are present on the church and preschool campus. Children are required to be attended to and escorted by their parent or caregiver at all times.

Keep in mind that these procedures are in place for safety reasons. Your cooperation is critical to the safety of all our children, staff and parishioners. Please convey arrival and dismissal procedures to those caregivers (such as grandparents, babysitters and car pools) who will be dropping off and picking your children up from school.

Car Line Information

When using the Car Line:  Enter the property from the second entrance on Stall Road and approach the preschool from behind the playground. Please see parking lot map.  As you drive through the car line, ALWAYS remain in your car.  Once in the car line, it is not permissible to put your car in reverse to allow someone out of a parking spot.  For dismissal we will put your child in your car on the passenger side, please buckle your child in his/her seat before moving forward.

Parish Center Classroom Children:
Can be dropped off/picked up behind the Parish Center they will be escorted to their classrooms/back to their cars by staff or volunteers.  Cars must exit the parking lot north of the property via the Cascades shopping center.  No U-turns will be permitted.

Children in Upper Campus Classrooms:
Can be dropped off/picked up in the driveway of the modular buildings they will be escorted to their classrooms by staff or volunteers.  Please note the Enter & Exit signs of the driveway.  No U-turns will be permitted.

In order to improve the efficiency of the car line you will be provided with a cardboard sign with your child’s name on it.  Please display the sign at BOTH arrival and dismissal.  Vehicles must be placed in PARK when boarding or discharging children from the car.  Children will be discharged from and boarded into their cars on the passenger side of the car no exceptions will be made.  Parents are NOT to get out of their vehicle while in Car Line.  It is unsafe for children and staff to walk between cars in the car line.

NOTE: Parents who participate in a car pool MUST use the car line to pick up the group of children.  The option of walking to pick up the children is not available to car pools.